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Students: How to login and use an Adobe Spark classroom account

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark makes it easy for students to communicate ideas with stunning presentations, graphics, and short videos—in minutes. You can tell a story, write a report, make posters, presentations and so much more. You can also use Spark to collaborate with your classmates and friends on projects.

To get access to Adobe Spark, you must have one of the following types of Adobe Spark for Education accounts:

  • A school or district account, given to your by your school or district administrators. These accounts have different types of logins that your teacher or admin might send you.
  • A classroom account, given to you by a teacher. If your teacher sent you a class code or class code link, you are using a classroom account. Once you click the class code and set up your account, you will have your own student classroom account to use and you will have joined your teacher's classroom.
    • Every time you join a new teacher's classroom, you will have the same classroom account with the same Google account login, and new classroom folders will be added for each new classroom you join.

If your teacher has given you a class code to create a classroom account and join a classroom in Spark, here’s how to get started:

How do I use a class code or class code link to join an Adobe Spark classroom?

To get started with a classroom account and join a classroom, please follow the following steps:

  • You need to have the unique class code or class code link to join - your teacher can send you this from their Classroom Manager inside of their teacher account.

See this example below (note that these are just an example, not a real link for you to use)


  • Click on the class code link or go to, which will bring you to this page to continue signing up. You can also enter your class code by going to and entering your student class code at the top or bottom of the page.


  • Use your GSuite for Education (Google) account from your school to sign up.


  • You may see this screen when signing up. Click Enterprise ID to continue.


Once you see this screen, you're ready to Go To Spark and start using your new classroom account.


  • Your classroom account home page looks like this. From here, you can start creating projects.


Once you make it to your home in Spark, you are all set! Feel free to click on templates to start creating, or work on Your recent projects by clicking projects in that section.

How do I log out?

To log out, go to the top of the page, click the blue circle, and click Sign Out:



How do I login again after I make my account?

You can log in again by going to, choose Log In from the top of the page.


On the login page, click on Continue with Google  or Log in with school account.


When I log in again, I see an option for a "Classroom" account and a "School" account - what should I choose?

If you see a screen that asks you to choose an account, and shows you a Classroom account  and School account option, that means you have two accounts to use Adobe Spark for Education. You can choose the account that you want to use each time you log in.

A couple important notes:

  • Your teacher can only view your student work in your classroom account: Classroom accounts let your teacher view your work without having to share each project. If you are using a school account, be sure to share your project with your teacher using the Share button in the Spark editor.
  • Projects saved in each account separately: You will see projects saved in your classroom account by logging into that account, and you will see projects saved in your school or district account by logging into that one - your projects won't be saved across both accounts, so make sure you remember where your projects are saved. If you aren't sure where you saved a project, try logging into both accounts to check.
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