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Am I eligible to create classroom accounts?

Teachers can create classroom accounts in Adobe Spark if they meet specific criteria. Adobe, teachers, parents, students and admins are all mindful about data privacy - Adobe has specific eligibility requirements in place today to help protect your safety and the safety of your students, school, and district.

When teachers start to set up a classroom account, Adobe will verify that:

  • The teacher is a verified teacher in the United States. Adobe uses a third-party verification system, SheerID, to validate that the person signing up is a teacher. Adobe will also check that the teacher is based in the United States - classroom accounts are not available outside the United States at this time.
  • The teacher has entered a Google Workspace for Education account, given to them by their school or district. Microsoft accounts, personal Google email accounts, or other account types are not available today.
  • The teacher has an email address, or domain, that is verified to be an educational email or domain. 
    • If the teacher’s IT administrator has already claimed the school’s domain with Adobe and verified that it is educational, any teacher in that domain can create a classroom account. 
    • If the teacher’s IT administrator has NOT verified the domain with Adobe, then any teacher that has a “.edu” or “” domain on their email account will be able to join. For example, would be able to create a classroom account, but would not be able to create an account.

If these criteria all apply to the teacher, and their administration has not disabled classroom accounts for their district, then the teacher can create a classroom account.

What if I am not eligible for a classroom account today?

If you are not eligible for a classroom account today, you have a few options:

  1. Reach out to your administrator and ask them to deploy Adobe Spark school or district accounts for your students and you
  2. Join the classroom account waitlist to get updates on classroom accounts. If Adobe is able to add more login types or domains, that waitlist will be notified.
  3. Create a personal account for your own personal use. Personal accounts are not designed to be used in the classroom with students, but teachers are welcome to use Adobe Spark personal accounts as individuals outside the classroom. 
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