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How do I create and share Creative Cloud Libraries?

Collect your assets into CC Libraries so that you and your team can quickly create consistent-looking content! Here's how:

Create a Library

  • Create Library: To create a Library, simply click on the Libraries tab in your left navigation. You’ll then see the “Create Library” button. Enter a Library name and click "Create Library."
  • Add Assets: To add assets to your library, click on the “Add Assets” button in your Library to browse local assets to upload. Spark supports JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF, PNG, PSD & AI file types. 

Invite to a Library

  • Invite: Open your Library and invite others via email by clicking on “Invite People.” Add a comment and select the permission type: Can View, Can View & Share, Can Edit or Can Edit & Share. 

Accept a Library

  • Accept Library: Accept a Library via email or under the bell icon at the top right of Spark’s home.

Manage a Library

  • Manage Library: To manage your Libraries, click on the Libraries tab in your left navigation. You can delete or rename your Libraries and assets. 

Use Library Assets

  • Use Library: This is the fun part! In the Post editor, you’ll find all your Libraries under "Add Photos." Click on any element to add it to your canvas and get creating!

What if I already have CC Libraries?

If you already have CC Libraries, they will all automatically show up in Adobe Spark! You will only see the assets that are usable in Spark (JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF, PNG, PSD & AI). 

Are CC Libraries on mobile?

Not yet, but coming soon!


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