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My classroom account was disabled - what happened?

Classroom accounts for Adobe Spark are only available to education users, specifically teachers and students in educational institutions. Teachers are able to set up classroom accounts for themselves, set up a classroom and invite their students to join it using a class code.

However, teachers can only create classrooms in Adobe Spark as long as their school or district administrators, using the Adobe Admin Console, do not disable this feature. Administrators can disable the ability for teachers to create classroom accounts in the Adobe Admin Console via the Directory Settings tab. Disabling this setting will prevent teachers from creating new classroom accounts. Teachers and students who lose access to their classroom accounts due to administrators disabling classrooms receive an Adobe email notification letting them know the accounts have been disabled.

If you are notified that your classroom account was disabled, then your administrator has turned off classroom accounts for your school or district. You will need to speak with your administrator on how they would prefer you use Adobe Spark with your classroom.

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