What is a GSuite for Education (Google) account?

Teachers can create classroom accounts in Adobe Spark if they meet specific criteria. Adobe, teachers, parents, students and admins are all mindful about data privacy - Adobe has specific eligibility requirements in place today to help protect your safety and the safety of your students, school, and district.

One classroom account eligibility requirement is that the teacher has a G Suite for Education (Google) account, given to them by their school or district. G Suite for Education is Google's suite of educational tools, all of which are accessed with a G Suite for Education (Google) school account with a Google username and password. To sign up for classroom accounts, teachers and students will need to use their G Suite for Education (Google) school email and password as part of the signup process.

Can I create Spark classroom accounts without a GSuite for Education school account?

Classroom accounts are currently in limited release, meaning that the full classroom account experience is only available for eligible teachers and students, and to be eligible users must have GSuite for Education (Google) accounts today. Microsoft school accounts, personal Google email accounts, or other account types are not available today.

If you are not eligible for a classroom account today, you have a few options:

  1. Reach out to your administrator and ask them to deploy Adobe Spark school or district accounts for your students and you. School and district accounts can use Office365, GSuite for Education Google SSO, Adobe IDs, and other login methods that are not yet available for classroom accounts today. Click here for instructions on how your administrator can get Adobe Spark for your school or district.
  2. Join the classroom account waitlist to get updates on classroom accounts. If Adobe is able to add more login types beyond G Suite for Education, that waitlist will be notified.
  3. Create a personal account for your own personal use. Personal accounts can be created with more login types, but are not designed to be used in the classroom with students. Teachers are welcome to use Adobe Spark personal accounts as individuals outside the classroom. Click here to create a personal account.
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