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How are classroom accounts and school/district accounts different?

For education users looking to use Adobe Spark with students and teachers, there are two account types designed for education users to get access to premium Adobe Spark for Education for free: classroom accounts and school and district accounts.

Classroom Accounts

Classroom accounts are a type of account that teachers can create for themselves and invite students to create their own classroom account. 

    • teacher classroom account: a classroom account for teachers with controls to manage classrooms 
    • student classroom account: a classroom account for students 
    • Please note:
      • School and district admins can turn this classroom account option off in their Admin Console. 
      • Only Google Workspace for Education teachers in the United States with supported domains are eligible for this new classroom account option at this time. 

With classroom accounts, teachers can: 

  • Set up classrooms for all their classes 
  • Invite students to join each classroom, the environment teachers create for each class, with a class code and get their own student classroom accounts.
    • A class code is a unique combination of letters and numbers that teachers send to students to have them join a specific classroom
    • A class code link is a unique link, connected to a class code, that teachers can send to students to have them access the classroom quickly. 
  • Manage classrooms and student work from the Classroom Manager, the teacher dashboard in teacher classroom accounts where teachers can:
    • Manage classrooms
    • Invite students to classrooms
    • Manage class codes
    • View student work. 

School or District Account

School or district accounts are a type of account created by administrators for teachers and students to use within a school or district organization that gives access to Spark. 

  • School or district accounts DO let teachers and students access Spark and create projects.  
  • School or district accounts do NOT give teachers access to:
    • The Classroom Manager
    • Classrooms
    • Class codes,
    • View and/or delete student projects  

To get started with classroom accounts, or to learn more on how IT administrators can set up school or district accounts, click here.

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