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I published and created a Spark Video link but it's still not ready - why is it taking so long?

Screen_Shot_2020-06-03_at_11.10.22_AM.pngDid you publish a Spark Video to create a link (or update your existing link) and are you stuck on a screen that says something like "We're preparing your video, please check back shortly."? If so, here's what might be going on, and what you can do next:

  1. When you publish a Spark Video project to create a link, there is processing required to prepare the video. This can take several minutes on average. The speed at which we can process your video depends on how many other requests are pending, so based on the traffic on our site, our speed may vary. And you may need to wait longer for your video to be ready.
  2. If you have waited for up to an hour or so and your video is still not ready, it's possible our site is undergoing a system maintenance, or is experiencing an outage. You can check our site status at: Usually once our site is back to normal, we will continue processing your video, but it may take much longer as we'll be processing a backlog of videos in the order in which they were published. In such situations it's best to come back in a day or so, after our site is back to normal, to check your video. In rare situations, if your video is still not ready, you may have to publish it again.
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