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How do I place images from my Creative Cloud Libraries?

Access assets from your CC Libraries and the CC Libraries shared with you within the Spark Post editor on web and iOS!

  • To access your Libraries: 
    • Click on the Libraries icon on the right rail of the Post editor
    • Alternatively, you can click the + in the Post editor to add a new image or you can click on an image in your canvas to replace it and select the “Libraries” option in your image picker.
  • You’ll see the list of all your Libraries
  • Use the drop-down to filter between your Libraries, the Libraries Shared with You, and the Public Libraries that you follow.
  • Simply click to open your library and select the image you want to use in your Post. 
  • You can place photos, illustrations or even flattened Creative Cloud documents from your Libraries!

Where can I access CC Libraries?

  • CC Libraries are only accessible in the Post editor on web and iOS under “Libraries”
  • Spark Mobile apps (Page & Video), as well as Page & Video on the web will continue to show ‘Creative Cloud’ as an asset source to pick from your CC Files.

What can I place from a CC Library?

Most of the popular graphic asset types of Creative CLoud Libraries are supported by Spark Post web - e.g. AI, PNG, PSD, SVG, JPG, TIF, PDF, MUSE, TXT, IDMS. However, other assets such as layers and colors from Creative Cloud Libraries are not yet supported.

What Libraries can I access?

All of your owned CC Libraries & any CC Library shared with you are supported on Spark Post web. However, we don’t yet support Public CC Libraries that you follow or Team Libraries.


Have more questions about Libraries? Learn more about them here. 

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