Spark + Pinterest Playbook FAQ

Q: What is the Spark + Pinterest Playbook?

A. As an official Pinterest Creative Partner, Spark has partnered with Pinterest on a 30-day playbook for using Spark and Pinterest together to increase traffic and grow your engagement with your audience.

The Playbook is an exclusive offer for Spark users who sign up for a 2-month trial subscription to Spark via the Pinterest Partners Directory.


Q: How do I sign up for the trial and access the Playbook?

A. To access the Playbook, go to Spark’s directory listing in the Pinterest Partners Directory here:

Click “Contact Spark.” You will land on a webpage where you can sign up for a 2-month trial subscription to Spark. 

Once you have completed the full sign-up process, you will land on another webpage with the full 30-day Playbook.

Make sure to bookmark or save the link to the Playbook so that you can access it in the future!


Q.  What happens at the end of my 2-month trial? 

A. After the 2 month period of the trial ends, your account will upgrade into a paid subscription, and you will be billed using the credit card you shared at signup.  

If you do not want to continue on a paid plan, you can cancel your paid subscription before the end of your 2-month trial. You will receive an automatic notification of the upcoming trial end 3 days before the end of your trial. You can continue to access Adobe Spark on a free starter plan and have access to login to your Adobe Spark account and access any projects you have created.  However, you will no longer have access to paid features.


Q:  How much does Adobe Spark cost after the 2-month trial?

A: Your trial will convert to a paid subscription of either the monthly or annual plan (based on the option you selected on signup).  You can cancel during the trial period to avoid being charged. You may cancel up to 14 days after you’ve been charged for a refund. In the United States, the price of a monthly individual Adobe Spark subscription is $9.99, and an annual plan is $99.99.  Pricing may vary by country.

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