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Adobe Express replaced Adobe Spark on the web and Adobe Spark Post on mobile.

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FAQ for Canvas integration

  • How do students sign in?
    • Students can sign in through the enterprise option in the sign in pop-up screen. They must use their regular school credentials. Once signed in, they won’t be required to sign in again until the 24-hour window passes.
      To sign in, ensure that you allow pop-ups on the browser. For details, see Sign in and access Adobe Spark from Canvas LMS.
  • How can I give my students Spark templates I’ve created or I want them to watch?
    • Through the external tools flow, you can assign content and instructions that students can watch within their own Spark accounts. They’ll then be able to create their own content and submit into an assignment from Spark.
    • Through the rich content editor, you can make templates here that students will be able to copy into their own Spark accounts. For details, see Create an assignment using Adobe Spark.
  • How does this work in SpeedGrader?
    • SpeedGrader displays full, rich previews of both, videos and posts, for assignments submitted through Online URL submission type or external tools. When students submit an assignment through the Online > Text Entry flow, educators have their projects created in SpeedGrader.

  • I am testing the Spark integration using Canvas's impersonate function to create a Spark assignment as a Teacher and submit the assignment as a Student. However, I am not seeing an option to submit the assignment when switching to the Student view. How shall I proceed?
    • Recognizing that this is a scenario unique to testing and does not represent expected Teacher and Student behavior in the real world, there is a workaround to test this. The key is to use two separate browsers in “incognito” mode when you are testing this on the same computer using Canvas’s impersonate function.
      • Sign in as Teacher on one browser window to create the Spark assignment.
      • Then, sign in to Spark from a separate ‘incognito’ browser window as Student and submit the assignment.

  • Where can I find more resources on Adobe Creative Cloud and Spark?
  • What are Adobe's policies on data privacy?
    • To learn how Adobe complies with laws, regulations and best practices related to the privacy of student data visit Adobe Privacy Center.

  • How can I contact Adobe Customer Care with an issue not covered here?
    • Contact your IT admins, or if you are the admin please navigate to Adobe Admin Console > Support to contact us there. 
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