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Resolve Missing Fonts error message


If you see a Missing Fonts error message upon opening your design, this means Spark is having trouble accessing the fonts used in your design. You can continue to edit the design by replacing the missing fonts with Spark’s default font, Source Sans Pro — this may or may not affect the appearance of your design. 

Or, take the following steps to resolve the issue. We recommend you make a copy of the design before proceeding (hover over the design in Your Projects >dot3.png > Duplicate): 

Missing brand or custom fonts 
Did you remove a brand or custom font that you’ve uploaded? If so, re-upload the font in the Brand Manager. 

Missing Adobe Fonts
Search the Adobe Fonts catalog by going to the Spark Post Font picker to reactivate the font. 

Unresponsive server
The server may have had temporary problems providing the fonts.
Please try opening the design at a later time.  

If none of these steps help, please contact customer support. 

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