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Adobe Express replaced Adobe Spark on the web and Adobe Spark Post on mobile.

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How do I use Folders in Adobe Spark?

How do I create Folders?

  • On web, click the folder icon on the top right of your projects page
  • Enter your desired folder name
  • Click "Create" button
  • Your new folder will appear above your projects

How do I move Projects into Folders?

  • There are two ways to move projects into folders:
    1. Drag and Drop: Click on your Project and drag it into your desired folder
    2. Move: Click on the [...] in the corner of your project and select "Move"

How do I delete Folders?

  • Click on the [...] in the corner of your folder and choose "Delete"
  • If your folder has projects in it, you will have to first move all those projects out of the folder before you can delete the folder

Are folders on Mobile?

No—Folders are web-only at the moment

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