Adobe Spark is now Adobe Express!
Adobe Express replaced Adobe Spark on the web and Adobe Spark Post on mobile.

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How do I collaborate on Spark projects?

Inviting other users to your Spark projects is simple:

  1. To invite people to your project, click the three dots in the upper right corner of your project card on
  2. Enter the email address of your collaborators and hit invite. We will remember emails you use often and, if you are part of an enterprise, we will sync with your address book.
  3. Write a message to the people you are inviting and then click “Invite.”

Accepting invites is just as easy:

  1. You will receive an email or an in-app notification inviting you to edit the project: You just have to click “Accept.”
  2. Projects Shared with you will appear in a new tab in your project organizer called "Shared with You"
  3. Any edits you make on your project will be visible to the owner and vice versa.


Can I collaborate on mobile?

Not yet: You’ll have to be on on your desktop or laptop to invite collaborators. On mobile, collaborative projects will become disabled to avoid introducing conflicts.


Can we edit at the same time?

We are working on it, but right now our collaboration is a tag-team system: only one person can edit an Adobe Spark project at the same time to avoid conflicts. We’ll let you know who is editing the project so you can ping your friend to let you make your changes.


Can a recipient publish?

If you are a recipient of a project, you’ll be able to download a project or grab a link to an already-published project, but only the owner can publish or update a link.


Can we collaborate on branded projects?

Yes! Two premium users can collaborate on Branded projects! Get creating!



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