What is Adobe Spark for Education?

Adobe Spark for Education is the same Adobe Spark that you know and love
(and like the Adobe Spark Starter Plan, is free). What is different about Adobe Spark for
Education is how it gets deployed and installed. An Adobe Spark for Education
deployment adds functionality that is critical to schools, including:

  • Enhanced data privacy: can be deployed consistent with children's data
    privacy laws (e.g. COPPA)
  • Easier login: Ability to setup single sign-on so students can easily login
    with their existing school ID
  • Enhanced control to keep students safe: Schools own the accounts
    and exercise admin rights over them. Plus, image results are more age
    appropriate for K-12 students.
  • Additional Features for free: Adobe Spark’s full capabilities allow you to
    customize Spark creations, and are included for free (normally a cost $9.99
    per month per user).

You can learn more about Adobe Spark for Education here.

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