Adobe Spark is now Creative Cloud Express!
Adobe Creative Cloud Express replaced Adobe Spark on the web and Adobe Spark Post on mobile.

For support with Creative Cloud Express please click here
If you need support for Adobe Spark Page or Adobe Spark video on the iPhone or iPad please click here


How do I find a missing project?

If you are missing a project, please ensure that you are logging in with the same credentials that you originally used to create the project.  For example, if you logged in originally with Google, you will need to use Google (with the same email address) to see your projects.  If you use a different email, or a different method such as Facebook or an Adobe ID, you will be logged into a new account with different or no projects.

Please also be sure to check Spark's status under "Creative Cloud" here:  If there is currently an outage, your project may reappear shortly after the outage is resolved. 

If the above methods don't resolve your issue, please click "Submit a request" at the top right of this screen, and we'll get back to you ASAP.  If you have a published URL of your missing project, please include it in the ticket as well. 

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