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Can I use my Spark project for commercial purposes?

A Spark can consist of several underlying pieces of content: images, video clips, soundtracks, and fonts.  To use a Spark commercially, you must have the appropriate rights for each of those pieces.

  • Soundtracks and fonts provided by Adobe may be used in Spark Videos for commercial purposes.  However, the music track must only be used inside an Adobe Spark-created video. You may not remove the soundtrack from a Spark Video and use it for other purposes. You may not resell the music.
  • If you use your own music in Spark Video, you will need to obtain the permissions appropriate for your intended use from the music owner.
  • Content uploaded by you may or may not be used for commercial purposes. You must check with the source of that content for the appropriate license.
  • Adobe doesn’t vouch for the images turned up through image search.  We have filters that try to screen for creative commons licensed images, but they are not perfect. You must verify that you have the appropriate rights to use any image you place in your project.

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