Can students use Adobe Spark?

Yes they can. Actually, we think they should! Students the world over love Spark, and we love them using it.

To help teachers and students use Adobe Spark right now, we created the following handy Adobe Spark Guide for Educators and Classrooms which you are welcome to download, read, and share.

And going forward we'll make it even easier to use Spark in the classroom. We just announced that in time for Back-To-School 2018 we'll be supporting school-wide deployments, allowing all students (even minors) to safely access Spark using their existing school logins. In addition, we'll be making Spark Premium features (usually $10/mo or $100/yr per user) completely free for all students, their teachers, and anyone else with a school domain login (we want everyone in the schools to be able to learn, teach, and use Spark themselves). Watch for details in in the first half of 2018. And in the meantime, continue to use Spark as explained in the Guide below.

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