What are the Adobe Spark system requirements?

Adobe Spark runs in your favorite web browser, and also on iOS devices. Here's the full list of what is supported:

Adobe Spark on the web

Operating Systems: Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X, Chromebook
Supported web browsers: The two most current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.  We also support IE 11*. 
Memory requirements: We recommend at least 8GB of memory for PC's and at least 2GB of memory for Chromebooks

Adobe Spark iOS apps

  • iPad or iPhone running iOS 11 or newer

Adobe Spark Post for Android

  • All devices that run Android 5.0 Lollipop and above

* A word about Internet Explorer

Spark Post and Spark Page work well with Internet Explorer, but if you use Spark Video in Internet Explorer, well, you're likely to run into some rough patches. That's because Spark Video uses some of the latest web magic that this browser doesn't support. What to do? If you are running Windows 10, then you can use Microsoft's new browser, Microsoft Edge (which is already installed on your computer), or another modern browser like Chrome or Firefox. If you are running an older version of Windows we suggest that you switch to a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox, or you could upgrade to Windows 10 and use Microsoft's new Edge browser.

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