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Can I add a video to my creations?

Video is supported in Spark Page and Spark Video.

Spark Page

You can insert videos into your Spark Pages. However, videos cannot be added directly from your computer or device. Rather, they must first be uploaded to a video hosting service. You may upload the video to these services:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Adobe Spark Video

Once you have uploaded a video copy its URL. You can then edit your Page and type (or paste) that video URL when prompted for it.

Spark Video

Spark Video supports video clips uploaded from your local file system, or from your camera roll on iOS. We recommend using video files with names ending in ".mov", ".mp4", or ".m4v". These are some of the most common types of video files around, but if you have another type you want to use, we recommend using the Adobe Media Encoder to convert it.

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