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I'm having mic issues with Spark Video.

In some instances, protective cases can obstruct your device's microphone and cause static and other issues. If you're having problems, try carefully removing your case for clearer recordings.

NOTE: This portion of this article only applies to Spark Video on the web, and not to the Spark Video iOS app.

If you're running into issues recording your voice, this could be happening for a few different reasons. Here's how to troubleshoot.

First of all, check that your computer speakers aren't muted (you may actually be recording and just not hearing it play back).

Next, make sure your permissions are set correctly by following the steps captured here (click here for instructions).

If it's still not working you'll need to check system sound settings.


If you use a Mac, choose the Apple menu > System Preferences > Sound.

Under input make sure the volume is set to an appropriate level. If you are speaking softly, make sure to increase the input volume so your Mac can better capture your voice.


It's also worth double-checking the input device selected. It’s easiest to use your internal microphone.

Note: Checking "use ambient noise reduction" will help your device capture less background noise so you come through loud and clear.

Under Output, make sure the volume is set to an appropriate level too - that way, you can hear your video played back to you.


On a PC choose from Settings > Sound > Under Recording, make sure you have enabled the default device for both Playback and Recording. Under Levels, you can control the volume.

Still having troubles?

If you're still struggling with recording, there are two final things to check:

  • Double-check that your device does indeed have a microphone, some don't, in which case you'll need to plug in an external mic.
  • The Spark Video Team is aware of a bug in Chrome affecting the ability to record your audio. If you think this might be happening to you, please try restart Chrome.
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