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How do I create and share templates via Libraries on the web?

On the web, you can create templates and share them with your team using the Library feature so that everyone can easily create consistent content from the same, customized starting points. 


Create templates:


  1. To turn your project into a template, open your project, click “Share” in the top right corner, then select “Make a Template.” 
  2. Fill out the template creation dialogue with the template name, optional note, and destination Library. If you don’t already have a Library, you can create one from the dialogue. 
  3. Your new template is now created in the Library that you selected!
  4. You can add as many templates as you’d like into a Library to create a collection for yourself or for your team. 

Share templates


  1. In the editor, navigate to the Library where your templates are stored, if you’re outside of the editor, go to the Library manager by clicking “Libraries” in the left rail and selecting the Library you want to share. 
  2. Click on the “Share” icon on the top right corner of your Library. There are two methods to share templates: Privately and Publicly.
  3. To share templates privately with your team, click on “Invite.” You’ll be prompted to add the email address of your team members. You can set the permissions of recipients as "Read Only" or "Edit."
    • Recipients can accept the Library invitation from the in-app notification center or via email to get access to your templates. 
  4. To share templates publicly, click on “Make public link.” Copy the link to your Library then you can share it out with anyone! This link is unlisted, and will only be accessible to those who have the link. 
    • Anyone who clicks on the link can copy or follow the Library to get access to your templates. 
  5. When you share a Library, recipients will get access to all the templates and assets inside that Library.
  6. To update access permissions, simply click on the “Share” button to open the invite dialogue, where you can add and remove collaborators or change the public settings.

Create from templates


You can access your personal, shared and public templates from multiple places in the user experience.

  1. First, you can create from templates from the Home screen by clicking on “From your templates” in the task bar and selecting the template from which you want to create. You can also find this option under the top left Plus button. 
  2. Second, you can create from your templates in the editor by clicking on the “Templates” tab in the left rail. You can use the dropdown menu to switch from Featured Templates to the Library containing your customized templates. 
  3. Finally, you can create from your templates directly from the Library in both the Libraries manager and the editor. 

Manage templates:

  1. To delete or rename templates, navigate to the Libraries manager by clicking on “Libraries” in the left rail.
  2. Open the Library where your template is stored. 
  3. Click on the [...] in the corner of the template and select the “Delete” or “Rename” option.



Can I create and use templates on mobile? 

Not yetcurrently, template creation, sharing, and usage is only available on the web. You can, however, design the project you wish to turn into a template using the mobile app then convert it to a template on the web. 


Can I create templates with Adobe Stock images?

You can create templates with unlicensed Adobe Stock images, but we do not support creation of templates with licensed Adobe Stock images. 


How do I share the templates in my brand? 

Template creation and sharing is now done via Libraries and not Brands. To add a Brand template to a Library:

  1. Click on the template in your brand to create from it.
  2. Once in the editor, create a template from that project under the “Share” menu. 


Can I create web page & video templates?

Templates can only be created for graphics.

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