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How do I use shared brands in Adobe Spark?

On Spark web, you can share your brands with anyone on your team so that everyone can easily create content with your brand logos, colors, and fonts across web, iOS, and Android. 


Here are the simple steps to share, receive and use brands:


Share Brands:

  1.  Click on “Brands” on the left hand navigation on Spark’s home screen. 
  2. You can share a Brand three ways:
    1. Hover on the Brand card and click the blue “Invite” icon at the bottom of the card
    2. Hover on the Brand card, click the three dots in the top right corner, and then click on “Invite.”
    3. Click on your Brand card to open it and the click “Invite People” at the top right of your Brand detail view. 
  3. In the invitation dialogue, enter your teammates’ emails. Separate emails with a comma to add multiple recipients. Optional: leave a message to add more info about the brand. 
  4. Alternatively, you can invite others by sharing a link to the brand, which is located at the bottom of the invitation dialogue. 
  5. Recipients will get read-only access to use the brand. This means they can use the brand’s logo, colors and fonts in their creations, but cannot make destructive edits to the brand. They will also be able to share the brand to others. 

Accept Brands: 

  1. As a recipient of a brand, you can accept in three ways:
    • Click “Start Collaborating” from an email invitation 
    • See a red alert for the in-app notification center (The bell icon at the top right of Spark home).  Click “Accept” on the notification.
    • Click on a link that was sent to you and request access to the brand. 

Use your Brands!

  1. To access a brand that was shared with you, simply open up the Spark Post editor and click on the brand name under the “Design” tab. In Spark Page and Video, the brand is available under the “Themes” tab. 
  2. Now that your shared brand is associated with a project, you can use the brand elements in your creations. In Post, apply the logo, color, and fonts from that brand while you are editing or apply all three in one swift action by pressing the Brandify button under the “Design” tab. In Page & Video, you can select brand themes under the “Themes” tab. 

Have fun creating with shared brands across your team!



How do I use a shared brand with a restricted font?

Can I publish Pages with shared brands?

Why do I see brands in my "Shared with You" if I haven't accepted any brands?

If you have previously accepted a collaborative project that included a brand, the brand associated with that project will now show up in your Shared Brands. You can access these brands while editing or you can leave them. 

How do I leave a Brand that I no longer want to access?

  1. Navigate to your brand organizer by clicking on "Brands" in the left rail on web.
  2. Click on the "Shared with You" tab to find all your shared brands. 
  3. Click on the three dots on the corner of your brand card and select "Leave"
  4. You will no longer have access to this brand. 

Can I share and accept brands on mobile? 

No. Right now, you can use shared brands in your creations on mobile, but you need to go to to share and accept these brands.

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