How do I send you a Spark Video project that has a problem?

There might be a time when you are using Spark Video to create/edit projects, and you run into a problem, such as your content suddenly goes missing, or your project does not save, or you have trouble sharing/publishing your project. It is very helpful for our engineering team to take a look at the structure of the project to investigate such issues. So here's what you can do:

If you're on an iOS device:

  1. On your iOS device, rename the project that has the issue to "Problem Project"
  2. On you computer, create a folder called "Spark Video Projects"
  3. Connect your iPad to your computer that has iTunes installed
  4. Go to the device in iTunes
  5. Choose File Sharing from left menu bar
  6. Chose Spark Video from the list of apps
  7. Select all lines that open on right side
  8. Click "Save to" and choose the folder you created called "Spark Video Projects"
  9. Zip the folder "Spark Video Projects"
  10. Upload this compressed/zip file to any cloud storage service (e.g., Dropbox)
  11. Send us a link to the zip file along with the name of the project (e.g., "Problem Project")

If you're on web in a browser:

  1. Send us the link to the project when it is open in the Spark Video editor (e.g.,

You can send us the link by filing a support ticket at:

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