How can students get Spark with premium features?

Students are very important to Spark's success, and we are working with Adobe on educational pricing and packaging options. For now, students and teachers (or their schools) have three options:

1: Continue using the free version.
The Spark you’ve known and loved is still free. Spark with premium features is an optional add-on for users who want to tell branded stories.

2: Upgrade to Spark with premium features.
Students and teachers can get started with Spark with premium features for just $9.99/mo (or $99.99/yr) per user with unlimited usage. There's no annual or even recurring commitment, and that's cheaper than any other plan Adobe offers (for a product or set of products) to students and teachers.

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3: Purchase Creative Cloud student/teacher edition 
If you already have a Creative Cloud subscription, congrats!  Spark with premium features is included in your plan.  For those who don't, you can purchase all of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps, including Spark with premium features, for a discounted price of $19.99/mo.  This will give you the power of the entire Creative Cloud lineup, including industry-leading solution like Ps, Ai, Pr, and Id.  

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