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How Do I Create and Manage Brands in Spark?

How to create brands? 

To create branded content in Adobe Spark you'll need to log in with a paid account, either a paid Creative Cloud license or an account that has purchased Adobe Spark.

Follow these simple steps to create brands on Adobe Spark web:

  1. Click on “Brands” in the left side navigation
  2. Click “Create a brand” button to create a new brand
  3. If you have a logo you want to use, click on "Upload Logo" to upload the logo file. Notice how the display on the right shows how your content will look with the logo applied. If you don’t have a logo, you can skip this step.
  4. Next click to select the color you want to use. If you uploaded a logo, then Spark will suggest colors based on your logo. As you click on any color, the display on the right will reflect the changes. 
  5. Then, select a default font. You can pick from Spark’s fonts or you can upload your own custom brand font. 
  6. Finally, click next and add your Brand Name
  7. Spark will work it’s magic and create your brand!

Spark will then auto-generate three new themes designed just for your brand. You can select these when you create Spark content just as you would any other Spark theme.


How do I edit my brands? 

  1. Click on “Brands” in the left side navigation
  2. Click on the card for the brand you’d like to edit

Oh, and of course you can come back to the Brand page at any time to edit and update your brand assets. Your updates will automatically sync across all your branded projects and themes. 


How to switch between brands? 

You can switch between different brands in the Spark Editor if you want to apply different brand assets to your project. 


  1. Click on the Brand Switcher bar at the top of the editor rail. 
  2. Select the brand you’d like to change to 
  3. You now have access to this brand’s ingredients in your project. 
  4. If your project used your primary brand logo, color or font, these will be replaced with your selected brands’ primary assets when you switch. 

Page & Video 

  1. Click “theme” in the top right of your editor
  2. To switch brand, click on the Brand Switcher bar above your themes. 
  3. Select the brand you’d like to change to 
  4. You now have access to this brand’s themes to apply to your project 


What is a default brand?

A default brand is the brand that all your newly created projects will default to. Additionally, it is the first brand that will show up in your list of brands. 

Your default brand appears with a yellow star in the corner of the brand car.

To change your default brand, first navigate to “Brands” in the left side navigation. Then, click on the three dots in the corner of the Brand card and select “Make Default.”


How do I delete my brand?

If you’d like to delete a brand, navigate to your brands page using the left side navigation. Then click on the [...] menu on the card for the brand you’d like to delete. Select “Delete Brand” option. 

This will delete your brand ingredients, templates, themes, and branded surfaces. Any projects using this brand will also have the brand ingredients removed when re-opened. 


Can I switch brands on collaborative projects?

No. If you’ve invited others to collaborate on your project, then the brand you’ve selected is locked in. To switch the brand on the project, first remove your collaborators and then switch the brand. 

If you are invited to edit a branded project, you won’t have the ability to switch the brand on the owner’s project to maintain the brand integrity. 


Can I create brands as a Starter user?

Branding is a paid feature, so Starter users cannot create brands. 


Can I create brands on mobile?

You can switch between all your brands on mobile and brandify your products on mobile, but brand creation is currently only on desktop.


Can I organize projects by brand? 

You can create folders on the web to organize your projects, but Spark doesn’t yet have the ability to filter or sort projects by brand. You can also use project names to help with organization. 

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