I can’t access Premium Features even though I'm a paid Creative Cloud Member

Creative Cloud members with a paid plan get access to Spark with Premium Features. To do this, you simply need to login to Spark with your Adobe ID (the email that you used to set up your Creative Cloud plan).

If you are already logged in and can’t access the Premium Features, you are probably logged in with an email that differs from your Adobe ID.

Follow these steps to access Premium Features:

  1. Logout of Spark
  2. Log back in by selecting the “Log in with Adobe ID” button
  3. Login with your Adobe ID
  4. You should now have access to Premium Features, including the ability to create your Brand Kit

For more information on signing in to Adobe with you social account and how to connect your social account to your Adobe ID, visit:

For more information on resolving errors related to signing in with your social account, visit:

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