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Privacy and Publishing: Who can see my project?

Here at Spark, we take privacy very seriously. Here are some details about projects created on Spark, who can view them, and how users can discover them.

We know that some users want to get maximum visibility for their projects, and Spark is working on new ways to achieve this through search engine visibility.

Currently all spark projects are prevented from being submitted to major search engines. However there are many smaller search engines that do not follow the same standards, so your project still may appear.

Please keep in mind that projects created with Spark are meant to be viewed and shared publicly. Always use your best judgment when creating content and consider that it will be viewable by anyone with the URL.

Who can see my project?

  • Until you click “Create Link” in the “Share” window, your projects are only viewable by you.
  • When you click “Create Link” in the “Share” window, a unique URL is created. Anyone who has this URL may view your Spark project. You can deactivate this URL by clicking “Unpublish” in the options for your project on the “My Projects” page.
  • For Spark projects created before 5/9/2017 and marked "Get Noticed," they may appear in search engine results.
  • For older Spark projects created before 7/13/2016, they may appear in search engine results if the URL for the project is included on other websites. To make these old projects unlisted, please unpublish them and republish them with the "Get Noticed" option turned off.

What happens to the privacy when I share a link?

When sharing a link to social media, to peers, or by embedding the project in another website, anyone with the URL to your project will be able to see your project. Furthermore, those third-party social media and other websites could potentially be listed in various search engines, so in these cases, your project could then become publicly discoverable. So if your project contains sensitive information, please consider where you are sharing the link to your project.


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